Review Policy

I will always review books honestly, no matter if I like the book or not, but the review will always be respectful towards the author and publisher. I review books based on the writing style, plot, charactes etc. and not based on the author or publisher.

Review copies

I do accept review copies of books, but I can only promise a review of a book that I have agreed to receive. If I receive a book in echange for a review, I read and review it whitin 3 months though I aim to do it as quickly  as possible and most reviews will be posted whitin a month.

I read mainly fantasy, science fiction and YA. I do read books outside of the before mentioned genres and I enjoy to read outside of my comfort zone. Therefore if the book sounds interesting I will gladly read in other genres than my usTal ones, but I do not want to receive a review copy of a book that i do not expect to enjoy, since the chances of me not liking the book will be quite big and I do not think that this would be fair towards the author or publisher. Therefore I reserve the right to not accept review copies of books if I do not think that I will enjoy them.

The reviews will be posted on my blog and I will post photos of the book on my bookish instagram MarvellousTales .

To the readers

As stated earlier I promise to always review books honestly. So far I haven’t received many ARC’s (Advanced readers copy) but those that I have received I’ve ended up giving good reviews. This is not because they were given to me, I will never write a good review for a book simply because I got it for free, but rather because I only request ARCs of books that sounds promising and that I think I will enjoy reading, and so far I have fortunately not been let down. Should I however, receive an ARC of a book that I don’t like I will still write an honest (but respectful) review, even if said review will be mainly negative.