• Title: We Lost the Sky
  • Author: Marie Howalt
  • Pages: 295
  • Publication Date: 28 february, 2019
  • Publisher: SPACEBOY BOOKS
  • Rating:

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I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I have a weakness for post apocalyptic stories so when I got the chance to read Marie Howalt’s We Lost the Sky I knew I just had to read it, and I was so excited to begin. And I really wasn’t disappointed.

In We Lost the Sky the moon is gone, and with it we lost the world as we know it. Parts of the lost civilisation still remains, but only as ruins or technology that most humans no longer understand. Some of them try – In Florence, which is now covered by huge domes that protect it from the harsh weather, Theo attempts to learn as much as possible about the old tecnological objects that are brought into the protected city. But that is not easy when the rest of the community rejects almost all technology that is more advanced than simple electric light. The only human that really understands the old technology is Luca. And that’s only because he himself is a relic from a lost time. But he is not the only walking relic – While searching for cover from a dangerous storm, the wanderer Renn accidentally awakens a dormant AI.

It is these four people who carry the story, and they do it well. All the characters are very different, but that doesn’t keep the reader from liking them all equally. Every chapter is told from the point of view of one of the four main characters, and this allows the reader to better understand their lives and personality.

I love character driven stories so this was something that I really enjoyed while reading the book, and this and the smooth writing style was probably the main reason why it turned out to be completely impossible for me to put down the book once I started reading it. I had to know what was going to happen, and no, it couldn’t wait till the next day even if I had to sacrifice my night’s sleep for it. Which I did – I thought I was just going to read one more chapter, but how could I possibly stop reading when the book was this good?

The story’s pacing is neither too fast nor too slow, and besides getting to know the chracters very well, you also get to learn abot the post apocalyptic world, in which the story takes place. Post apocalyptic worlds are part of what fascinates me the most in Sci-Fi, and this world was truly interesting. In some ways it resembled our own, but at the same time it was also totally different, and those two things mixed together created an amazingly interesting atmosphere for the book.

If I had to mention one bad thing about this book though, it is that it ended. While reading this I remembered why I love Sci-Fi so much in the first place, and why I seriously need to start reading more of the genre again!

So if you love Sci-Fi, post apocalyptic worlds and character driven stories you should definitely give this one a try!







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